Helping a Window Company Reach More Clients with Online Marketing

It’s often the most mundane of things that are the hardest sell. Windows are such a commodity that it’s pretty much impossible to imagine any building, residential or otherwise, without them.

And yet, many window companies struggle. Even adding window repair or window installation to the list of services usually isn’t enough to make a company stand out among the competition. Still, is one such company that managed to break through the glass ceiling and greatly boost its conversion rate through online marketing. Here’s how it happened.

The chart showing the growth of visibility over the time

Supply and demand

This is the very foundation of capitalism - you can’t sell what people don’t demand, and you can’t provide them with it if you don’t have the supply. Understanding what this aspect looks like in your niche is crucial to success, especially nowadays, in an age where the Internet has made the entirety of human information accessible with the click of a button.

In this case, it was important to recognize that windows are a commodity. Everyone has windows, everyone wants windows, so recognizing exactly how your windows can be sold to your potential clients was paramount. But with all that competition online, why would a prospective client choose your brand over others?

Playing to your strengths

It was important to play up the features that made Walbert Windows unique. They’re an Edmonton-based window company, so emphasizing the fact that it’s one of the most reliable ways to get quality windows in Edmonton was crucial. The fact that they’re available directly at that location meant Edmonton clients could easily get in touch with them whenever necessary.

That last bit is particularly important considering Walbert also offers window renovation services in Edmonton, on top of their regular repair and installation services. Letting their clients know that their business is a one-stop shop for any window-related needs their Edmonton clients may have.

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